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Help for Property Manager

First Published May 2013

Working in property management can be incredibly rewarding. You get to set your own hours, establish your own ground rules, and best of all, provide your tenants with a home they can be proud of. Whether you work for one of the major property management companies and are in charge of multiple properties and/or flat-shares and house-shares or are just managing a single property, you also know that there are some downsides to working in the industry as well. You are responsible for finding tenants, keeping tenants happy, managing tenant contracts, and so much more. As you probably know all too well, when it comes to working with property management companies, London residents can be quite demanding, so it’s important that you have a good system in place for efficiently handling all of your responsibilities.

What to Look for in a Software Program

A successful property management company or independent professional is one that relies on innovations in modern technology to get pressing demands taken care of as quickly and as easily as possible. Look for a software program, such as the one offered from BigRoof, that helps you to manage all of your responsibilities. You want a program that has been around for years but that, at the same time, hasn’t grown stagnant. With so many changes in today’s technology, it is important to find an easy-to-use software program that grows and changes with the times to bring you the latest in capabilities and ease of use.

Manage Your Finances

When it comes to property management, London professionals have to stay on top of their finances. They must keep track of which tenants have (or haven’t!) paid their rent for the month, how much they’re spending to manage and maintain the rental unit or units versus how much they are earning, and more. The right software will make tracking and accessing this information as simple as possible and will also provide you with a convenient way to get a quick overview of your finances on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis.

Enjoy Diverse Property Management Programs

The best property management software will do more than just help you keep track of financial concerns, however. The best software will also offer a wide array of property management services. BigRoof software, for example, allows you to easily create basic tenant agreements and paperwork, such as lease contracts or renter’s insurance forms. You can even track which forms have been filled out by which tenants, amendments made to forms, and more, all in one convenient location.

Gather Tenant Feedback

Part of being a good landlord is caring about your tenants and knowing their needs and concerns. Any good property management system will make this part of your job easier than ever before. Whether you wish to send out tenant surveys or to simply include spaces for general tenant feedback on your forms, any strong program will offer a straightforward, effective way for you to hear from your clients. When you hear how you’re doing—the good and the bad—from your tenants, you have an opportunity to remedy any issues as they arise, allowing you to protect your reputation and to keep the tenants you currently have.

Find Everything You Need in One Program

Not all property management systems will offer all of the services and capabilities you need. In fact, when it comes to software for property management, UK professionals are often relegated to using multiple rental property software programs to manage their properties, which can easily become a big hassle. Don’t settle for running back and forth from one program to the next; there are property manager software programs, such as BigRoof, out there that can provide you with all the things you need to be successful at your job. Look for real estate property management software that has all of the features mentioned earlier and then some. You want, for example, residential property management programs that help you prepare for tax time. As a property manager, you already know that tax time can be a real nightmare. There are countless forms to fill out and countless amounts of information to recall. Fortunately, with the right rental software, you can store all of the information you need for tax purposes and look it up as needed to make the entire tax process a whole lot easier.

Manage Multiple Properties

Legitimate landlord software should also provide you with a way to keep track of information about your rental properties themselves. This is especially helpful if you are using your online property management program to manage multiple properties. You need to know the basic information about each home or other rental unit you manage, such as how many bedrooms it has, the cost of rent, and whether or not pets are allowed. It doesn’t make a good first impression if you have to spend forever trying to find this information; it’s so much better if you can just pull up the basics online and relate them to the prospective tenant right away. This is just a sampling of the many things the right software can and should help you to do.